Finding Strength Through Stories of Resilience

Hi there! October has started, and I hope your month is going better than mine. My wife and I have taken on the challenge of not eating out, and honestly, it's tough. Not being able to enjoy takeout and having to cook at home is becoming quite challenging. Plus, we miss all the junk food we used to indulge in. Today, I want to talk about stories and the significant impact they have on our minds but first…

Weekly Inventory Check

October has begun, and just like stories, goals need to be set in a way that they become like stories for you. Humans love doing things that give them meaning, and stories provide that meaning. So, take a look at the goals you've set for October. Try to imagine them as stories. Think about what you're trying to achieve and the challenges you might face. Write it down, create an outline, bring it to life with your words. You'll find that achieving your goals becomes much easier when you approach them with the power of storytelling.

Finding Strength Through Stories of Resilience

I want to talk about stories and the human mind. But why this topic? Well, it's been an interesting week for me. I attended training sessions where we discussed how stories are powerful tools in organizations. They help in making better decisions using data-driven storytelling. Also, in our personal lives, stories shape who we are. They make us feel unique and alive. Our stories give meaning to our lives. They create a narrative in our minds where we are the main characters, shaping our purpose. Everything we do becomes a part of this storyline, whether it's getting a job, a promotion, or starting a family.

My little one reminds me of this every day. Every week, it feels like a new chapter in her life story because she learns something new. I've been teaching her about discipline and compassion, emphasizing the importance of getting back up when you fall. However, as the cold weather sets in and my child grows, life becomes more challenging. Routines get harder, and my motivation wanes. This is where stories come in. They motivate me. They remind me why I'm doing what I'm doing. Stories help me focus on what truly matters, guiding me through the chaos.

In life, we face situations where people we care about might no longer be part of our lives. Friends, family, or even strangers we met briefly - they all leave behind stories. Even though these people might be gone, their stories stay with us. They shape who we are as individuals. That's why stories are so important. So, I encourage you to find your stories. Share a story that changed your life, and I might feature it in my upcoming newsletters. Stories are a wonderful way to connect with others. I look forward to reading and sharing yours.

Often, when we discuss personal development, we focus on becoming a better version of ourselves. We set goals and imagine a future where our problems are solved. We create stories in our minds about reaching milestones and how everything will change once we achieve them. But here's the thing: the story never truly ends.

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Reel of the Week

Check out our reel of the week where I explained about habit formation and that it should start one thing at a time, just like building a tower using small pieces of legos. I then further explained this with a story where I didn’t have sugar for 31 days and only consumed on my wife's insistence after 31 days as it was our baby shower.

Thoughts to leave you with

Life is like an ongoing story with its own twists and turns in every chapter. This continuous narrative is what gives our lives meaning. I want you to remember that you are the author of this story. The thoughts in your mind become the words in the book of your life. It's like a feedback loop: the story you believe about yourself shapes the reality you live in.

So, if you tell yourself positive and empowering stories, if you believe in your own potential, your life will reflect that belief. Use the power of stories to motivate yourself. Write a story where you become the person you aspire to be. That's the essence of it. Your story is in your hands, so make it a great one!


There's a new event coming up! It's called Ten Toasts, specifically for people living in the Netherlands, and more specifically for those living in Eindhoven. The meetup is set for next month. We'll be sharing stories and toasting to the ones that changed our lives. This is the link to join. Hope to see you there!

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