Embracing Parenthood

While Keeping Life Goals and Personal Space Intact

As we enter the final week of July, I find myself reflecting on the natural progression of life and the adjustments I'm making to embrace this significant new change: welcoming a baby into my life. And that’s exactly what I want to discuss today but first..

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Embracing Parenthood

As mentioned earlier, I am delighted to share that two weeks ago, I was blessed with the arrival of a precious baby girl. Welcoming a new child into the world is exhilarating. It’s a life-changing experience that a lot of parents will love to have. This beautiful little human has brought an abundance of love and cuteness into our home, filling our hearts with joy.

In my perspective, embracing parenthood is an important and well-considered decision that follows marriage, irrespective of the timeline it takes. Our culture often emphasises the significance of marriage and having children for a fulfilling family and a successful life, but it's essential to acknowledge that this might not be the case for everyone. For some individuals, the desire to have children might not be as strong, and they may choose to focus on other aspects of life that bring them fulfilment and joy. Just like acquiring a new house, welcoming a child into our lives stirs a mix of emotions. While some people feel excited and elated about this new phase, others may find it overwhelming or challenging to adapt to the changes it brings. They are scared to embark on this new journey, as it may push them far away from their dreams.

People often inquire about how I'm doing and whether handling a child is challenging, with sleepless nights and constant crying. Surprisingly, I have no complaints to share. And that’s most certainly because I have been raised in that way. For me, having a kid is the next logical thing to do, after you marry. I firmly believe that having a child is akin to welcoming a new member into the household, much like having a roommate. Of course, there are moments of crying in the middle of the night and plenty of pooping, but remarkably, these experiences haven't drastically altered my life. I've been able to maintain my work routine just as I did before, and I still find time for personal recreation. I even encouraged my wife to take time for herself, suggesting we watch her favorite actor's movie over the weekend, so we can enjoy some quality time together. We feel incredibly fortunate to have our baby's grandmother, who graciously helps us by looking after the little one.

This journey of parenthood has taught us that it doesn't mark the end of our dreams, happiness or freedom. On the contrary, it's shown us that we can lead a fulfilling and joyous life even with the responsibility of caring for a baby. With love, understanding, and a supportive network, we've found that parenthood is a beautiful and rewarding experience. It’s not overwhelming or scary. Yes, we are learning every day, one change of diaper at a time, but it’s just how we learn to ride a bike, or when we take our first few swimming lessons, or start with a new job.

All in all, we are moving closer to our dreams and are still ambitious, but now, with one extra person in our lives who we love so much.

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Thoughts to leave you with

As a new parent, I humbly acknowledge that I'm still navigating the challenges and joys of parenthood, and it might be premature to draw definitive conclusions. Each day brings new discoveries as I learn about my baby's nap times, feeding schedules, and the best ways to shower her with love and care. The journey of raising a child is undeniably a beautiful one, as it allows us to come together as a family, cherishing the bond we create. While most people argue that our individualistic society doesn't readily support the idea of having children, I firmly believe that we shouldn't let fear of negative outcomes deter us from experiencing this profound and rewarding journey. My heartfelt purpose is to encourage others to embrace the idea of having their own child, to take forward the natural evolutionary process of procreation and to understand that it’s not a compromise of your goals and you are in no way, taking a step down or settling. It’s a beautiful experience that I feel one should experience once in a lifetime.

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